Mr.Romance Capsule
Mr.Romance is here! A song, a video, a book and a fresh clothing collection

We’re a full-service creative studio: a multimedia production entity.

We produce  content for all channels, from music videos and commercials to short films, from social media first rich content to every kind of design.

Books, magazines, playlists, blogs: publishing is our bread and butter.


What we do

Video Production

Music videos, indie-movies, documentaries, social media content, commercials.


Digital art, artwork, wall art, logos, packaging, book covers, concept, graphic design, merchandising, physical products.

fantasy, moon, girl
Audio Production&Curation

Music, playlists, labels, soundtracks, jingles, audio branding.


Events, retails experiences, virtual events

keyboard, computer, technology

Websites, blogs, magazines, e-books, publishing, cross-media concepts.

Mr.Romance Iconic Disco Silver Pillow w/paillettes

Capsule Collection


From €37.99

At M+S we release multi-sensorial collections: a limited line of products+multimedia top notch content. Mr.Romance music single is now out on Spotify on our  label M+S Music and the Mr.Romance urban poetry book is on sale on Amazon worldwide.



Some brand we have worked with

Cool pieces of art and furniture, awesome apparel,  funny gadgets.

Our latest songs with our unique sound.