About Us

A new lifestyle brand.

We are a small creative endeavour mixing design, culture and music.

This brand is an homage to the Pharrells, the Kitsuné Maisons and the Murakamis of the world.

But also to the Kaws, the Superplastics and the likes.

Pure admiration.

Founded by Mattia Settimelli, M+S releases lifestyle accessories, apparel, gadgets, home decor and other products, together with music singles, books and videos on its sister entity M+S Studio, M+S Music and M+S Studio Books.

Each product and each multimedia project are intensely intertwined.

Our process

Usually, it works like this: 

1) we create a concept in the media space, be it a song, a video script or a  book idea. Then, we go on implementing that concept across all channels and formats we find engaging and seek partnerships. Then, the artwork of that concept becomes am optimal foundation for a line of clothing and its logo.

2) or we can go the opposite way: we have a great idea for a new product, filling a gap in the market or looking uber-cool: we proceed creating  that product, and we promote it creating original art around it, storytelling about that concept or something related and finding multimedia inspiration in that line.

It really depends by what strikes first in our head and gut.